Data folder not created on the repository

URL of experiment:


I have created an experiment using builder, and I’ve had no problem syncing it to gitlab. The experiment runs perfectly both in piloting and running modes.

Problem: after a participant (myself for now) completes it and receives the “data have been saved” message, the data folder is not authomatically created on the repository. If I click on download results, I get the allParticipants csv file, but I need the log files.

Additional information:

  • I set the saving format to database.
  • In experiment settings (builder) I have selected the “save log file” option and set the logging level to “exp”.
  • I have credit assigned to the experiment.

I hope the information I provided is enough for someone to see what the issue might be here.

Thank you in advance,


Turn off database if you want individual CSV files instead of all Participantsl

Hi, thanks for your response!

The thing is I would prefer the log files, and my understanding was that I had to select database for that.

My understanding is that log files are created in both cases.

I didn’t know. Anyway, I tried to do it with CSV selected this time, and no log file either…

Hello @MSabioUB,

You are using a rather old version of PsychoJS: 3.1. We did not create log files at that point.
I would strongly encourage you to update to 2020.1, if you are able to do so.


Oh I see, thank you @apitiot!

Now that I have updated the code, however, I get this message when the experiment is completed:

TypeError: psychoJS.experiment.isEntryEmpty is not a function

Any advise on how to solve it would be appreciated, because I have almost 0 experience with javascript.

I just checked your code and it appears you are still using 3.1:

 * Sourcebias Test *

import { PsychoJS } from './lib/core-3.1.js';
import * as core from './lib/core-3.1.js';
import { TrialHandler } from './lib/data-3.1.js';
import { Scheduler } from './lib/util-3.1.js';
import * as util from './lib/util-3.1.js';
import * as visual from './lib/visual-3.1.js';
import * as sound from './lib/sound-3.1.js';

Alright, I guess changing version from builder and compiling again is not enough to update the code. Anyway, thanks for solving my first issue!

Hello! I’ve been facing a similar issue-

I’ve been running my experiments and been able to collect data as csv files successfully.

I’ve been facing issues with one particular partcipant’s file not showing up as full data.
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