Creating loop and answer box in image

Hello! I am very new to Psychopy and have no knowledge of coding/python whatsoever. I’ve run into some trouble whilst conducting an experiment for a school project and would like to ask for help. I’d appreciate each and every reply!

Basically what I’m trying to do is to make participants view two images that alternate very quickly between one another. These two images are very similar at first glance BUT have a small difference (e.g., if it’s a photo of a living room, a lamp might be missing from the second image). The participant has to look for the change. When they found it, they will a) press the space button to pause and b) click on the part of the image where the change has occurred.

I am having difficulty with a few things.

  1. How do I make the two images rotate between one another very quickly, almost as if it’s blinking?
  2. How do I make this loop end with a space button? (I think I can figure out how to end it, but I want it to pause on the image once the space button has been clicked).
  3. Lastly, how can I create an invisible “answer box” on the image so I can know whether the participant has clicked on the correct part of the image? (using the example above, I’d want my participant to click around the ‘lamp’ on the image).

I’d appreciate any help I can get. Thank you in advance!


well, you try to program a change-blindness experiment. You find some solutions here in the forum by conducting a search, e.g. Change Blindness - #13 by JensBoelte

Instead of creating an invisible box, you might consider to record the x-y coordinates of the mouse click and compare the recorded x-y coordinates later in the analysis process with expected ones.

Best wishes Jens