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Corrupted win PATH environment variable on installation

I have the same problem as described here in 2011:

Instead of appending (or prepending) the PsychoPy2 path to the PATH environment variable, it writes over the variable, causing other programs to break because DLLs and EXEs can no longer be found.

Could it be caused by to long paths like in the old version in 2011?

Windows 7 Enterprise x64
PsychoPy2 1.85.0
Partial network installation like

Hi there,

Yes, I think you are right that this issue had crept back in. Really annoying that NSIS makes this possible. Apparently they have developed an alternative to get around it but, for now, I’ve just made sure to use the long-string version of the installation compiler again. Thanks for drawing attention to the problem for me. :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in the 1.85.1 release