Conditional Test Stimuli

Hello all,

I have a research study with a variety of conditional discrimination phases which I know how to code and have made programs before.

This is what I want to do (in order):

  1. The students go through a test where they have to chose the correct answer (from three options below an example picture). No feedback is given during this stage.

  2. The stimuli that were incorrect in step 1 will now be used in a conditional discrimination task.

I am not sure how to “funnel” the stimuli from step 1 to step 2.

Let me know if anyone can help!

Make a list/array as you go with the incorrect conditions.

#get their responses/accuracy

#add conditions from incorrect trials to a list
if accuracy == 0 : #if they were incorrect

Then at the end, cycle through the conditions from the incorrect trial lists like you would with the normal condition lists.