RMTS task selecting stimuli conditionally

I am creating an experiment that works similarly to a relational-match-to-sample task. There will be a sample stimulus at the top that varies in color and shape. Then one of the matching choices below will match either in shape or color, and the other option will not match in either dimension. I have images of all potential stimuli, they can vary in 6 different colors, and 6 different shapes. Would I need to set up all potential pairings in an excel sheet? Or is there a way in the builder to set it up so a sample stimulus image is selected randomly, and then a match and a nonmatch choice are selected for every trial? I would need the answer choices to alternate left and right sides. Reference stimuli are below.

Sample image would be centered at top.
Left and Right potential matches. In this case the right image is the match and they match based on color.