Condition file information not recorded in data file properly ( when using nextEntry() )

URL of experiment: NA

This issue has been occurring with quite a few of my experiments and is fixed by using addData to record the necessary trial information. I’m just curious about how it can be fixed and the source of the issue. I have noticed this issue mostly with 2020.1 releases. I would go on to use the 2020.2, however there seem to other bugs, which I have reported, that are preventing me from running experiments in those versions.

The issue:
When using the nextEntry() function within a routine, the new row that is created is not populated with the information from the current trial, instead by the LAST trial in that scheduled loop. When the trial ends, a new row is created, BUT this time it is populated with the correct trial info. The result is a data output file that looks like this:


The first 5 rows were created using nextEntry() and the last was created automatically at the end of the trial. In this case, stim=‘practice’ is the last stimuli in the loop and stim=‘word’ is the current and correct stimuli.

Any ideas as to the source of this bug?