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PsychoJS.experiment.addData() not working consistently

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
The experiment comprises 3 conditions. Depending on condition, different Routines are scheduled to run. Data is being saved via sychoJS.experiment.addData() in two different routines, which run in ALL conditions. Yet, when running the experiment online, no data is saved in the condition ‘baseline’, even though the routines are executed appropriately.
Given that the data-saving routines are common to all conditions, I fail to understand why the baseline condition fails to save data in JS. The local version saves fine.

@Marc_Buehner, it could be that for some reason there is a missing call to psychoJS.experiment.nextEntry(). Which routine is failing to save data in your task?

@dvbridges actually, when I examine the datafile that are produced online, I can see that the 2 routines that are meant to save data (routine_250ms and Rating) DO save data.
What is NOT saved, is the stuff that records the condition name – so the entries that are associated with the loop ‘blocks’ (i.e. blocks.thisRepN blocks.thisTrialN blocks.thisN blocks.thisIndex blocks.ran) are empty, as is the entry for ‘trial’ and ‘blockIntro’, which are read into the ‘blocks’ loop.