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Computer frozen after any IO with PsychPy

OSX 10.14 PsychoPy3.0.7 Standalone
In chapter 19 it details how to run psychoPy builder with the Tobii eye tracker. It involves 2 files: (1) a builder .psyexp file; (1) a YAML file.
When I try the code in the book and YAML file I get:

WARNING: pytables package not found. ioHub functionality will be disabled.

 Which makes sense since in in the shell I type import that then all the files listed on I get an error on the last two, pytables and pyYAML.

(I am not sure what I am suppose to do with pyobjc, since there are no instructions. I have X-Code on my computer but what do I do with the file? No instructions!)

So I downloaded the folders pytables and pyYAML and tried to follow the instructions on using preferences and all hell broke loose. First the instructions are not clear.

Now every time I use psychPy to open a file, my computer freezes for about a minute or longer. Its frozen. After > 1 minute, the proceeds. I tried to get rid of all PsychoPy3 and associated files, and reload it, but the same problem. How do I clear EVERYTHING and start over with PsychoPy3? Even just starting PsychoPy freezes my mac for a minute or longer. I got rid of the .psychoPy3 in Users & reinstalled it and still my computer freezes for more than a minute

I tried a few file checking programs (techtools pro, disk utilities, etc) and I can find nothing wrong with my file structures or hard drive.

The computer freezing is the bigger problem. I might just through the Tobii eye tracker away and try with something else.