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Adding libraries to standalone psychoPy to use iohub

I am still trying to make the tobii eye tracker work with ioHub. But it seems that there are missing libraries that I don’t know how to add them to the standalone PsychoPy.
Using builder 3.0.6 on a Mac running OXS 10.14.3, I typed in the example in the PsychoPy book

I got an initial error message:
WARNING: pytables package not found. ioHub functionality will be disabled.
After the line:
io = client.ioHubConnection(io_config)
it crashes with lots of error messages.
It was suggested to me that I didn’t have ‘tables’ installed. Indeed, to the shell, I typed in the shell:
import pytables
and got an error message. From you web site below I found I needed the following libraries.
pytables **
pyYAML **

It was also suggested to me I needed:
tables **

** with these I got an error message, when I typed in shell: import X #I got the error message: “no modual named x
So I have to add 3 external packages to my standalone PsychoPy. I made a folder called “PsychoPyLibraries” in Applications and added the 3 folders, which I found on line (from your web page) “PyYAML”, “pytables”, and “tables”.

This would seem easy enough to add them from instructions in .
In Preference, General, paths, I should put a list of the paths to these 3 folders, files, or what. Let me start with PyYAML. From the example, the path to this is:
[‘/Volumes/WeeWilly_HD/Applications/PsychoPyLibraries/PyYAML/ ? code ?’]
(I tried it without Volumes or WeeWilly_HD {my hard drive})
What code? I assume it’s something that ends with .py? At the top layer there is but putting that in doesn’t work (meaning ‘import PyYAML’ still give an error). Inside various folders there are lots of code (?.py) but nothing explicitly called PyYAML.
I am making some stupid mistake. Also does it matter the order of adding these libraries? Do I have to restart psychoPy (or the computer) each time I add one of these libraries?
I am sorry to be stuck on this.