Creating Questionnaire

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on an experiment, but I would like to add some questions on the beginning and end of my experiment.
Specifically, I want to ask if the participants can indicate their date of birth (open answer), whether or not they are students (yes/no option) and from which country they are (also multiple choice, since I will be taking participants from only 2 or 3 countries).
In the end I want to ask participants to rate their feelings on a scale from either 1 to 7 or on a scale from 1 to 100. Lastly, I want to ask them to fill in some open questions about their opinions on something.

I have been trying to make this for about 2 hours now, but since I am a beginner in using PsychoPy I have not yet been able to figure this out.

Can any of you help me with any of these questions? I know they’re quite a lot, but any answer might help me answer some others on my own.

I have tried this, too, and given up. In my opinion, the questionnaire functionalities are not yet useable in online settings. Once the form type is fully developed, this might be an option.
I last looked into displaying the questions and answer options and then have participants enter them manually (y/n, 1/2/3/4/5, …), while displaying their choice on screen. However, I did not get this to work online. (Printing keyboard input to the screen)

My current workaround is to redirect participants to qualtrics afterwards and have them provide demographics there.

@Felix thanks for your reply! I’ll do the demographics etc via qualtrics then!

I’m trying to have psychopy pass the participant id on to qualtrics via the url, this might be interesting to you as we’ll. CompletedURL / IncompleteURL

Is there any good solution yet how to display the free text input from the keyboard on screen for online studies?

I don’t have any issues with my method