Compatibility issue

Dear all !

I think I am experiencing a problem of compatibility between different PsychoPy versions.

Last year, I created different procedures using PsychoPy 2021.1.4, and synchronized them on Pavlovia for online data collection.

I would like now to adapt a procedure already created last year, and launch a new study on Pavlovia. In the meantime, my PsychoPy version has been updated to 2021.2.3.

Here is the procedure I used to do this:

  • Following procedure proposed by Jon here, Create new experiment from existing file - #3 by wakecarter… I copy-paste the folder containing the project built on PsychoPy 2021.1.4, and deleted git folder
  • I opened the new experiment in PsychoPy 2021.2.3 (without any problems), and made minor modifications on the eexperiment (e.g. change the stimuli)
  • I then synchronized the new experiment on a new project on Pavlovia. The synchronization was fine, without errors.
  • Moreover, when I pilot the study, the resources are not downloaded by the client. this is weird since all the required images and xls files are stored the “resources” folder (and I can see them on github).

I tried to re-do this procedure in another pc, and I have the same issue. Which make me think this is a compatibility issue.

What do you think? Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance! Bests!

For the 2021 versions of PsychoPy you need to recreate without an html folder.


Thank you very much for your answer and for your help !

I followed your procedure you suggested me :

  1. Close the experiment in Builder.
  2. Download any existing data from Pavlovia.
  3. Delete the repository from Pavlovia.
  4. Delete the local .git folder.
  5. Delete the local html folder (after removing any files than only exist in it).
  6. Delete other unnecessary local files.
  7. Open the experiment in Builder.
  8. Check that Experiment Settings / Online / Output path is blank and Export HTML is on Sync.
  9. Press the “Sync with web project” icon to create a new project online.

But still I get errors when loading the resources at launch of the experiment. Here the error I get:


Here is the structure in gitlab folder. As you may see, all the ressources (including file “blocks_order2.xlsx”) is on the main folder of the project. It should then be downloaded.

Thank you in advance, if you can further assist me !


Sorry – I really should add this to my list of steps.

Any resources defined in code should now be attached via Experiment Settings / Online / Additional Resources

Indeed, adding the resources in additional resources via “Experiment Settings / Online / Additional Resources” solved the issue. Thank you very much! It is working now!