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Combine images with text components

Hello guys,

I am quite new here and this is the first time I am creating an experiment with this cool software. Since that I am not experienced enough, I have met some problems which are still waited to be solved.

The version I am working on is 1.82.01 and my system is Mac Os.

I would like to create an experiment which should function as follows:

The subjects would firstly see a sentence which would be shown in a RSVP manner, then they will be requested to repeat the sentence. After that, they will see an image about which they need to give a description later. I have totally 36 sentences and 36 images, which means that each image will be paired with one sentence. And this combination is fixed.

My problem right know is, I don’t know how to combine those images with the sentences. Is there a component in Psychopy which works like the “composite component” in the Eyetracker experiment center? For those sentences, I have created a Excel list telling the software that they should do the loop according to the Excel, but I don’t know how should I do with the images.

Any answers would be helpful!


You could just have the image and text in separate routines, one with the text and one with the image, and then you put a loop around them. Below I attach a simple example. Put all of these files in their own folder and open the psyexp file in psychopy builder to run it.

But to be frank, your question makes me think you need to spend more time with tutorials and playing with the demos provided with psychopy.

conditions.xlsx (4.8 KB)
pictureAndText.psyexp (10.6 KB)

Hi Daniel!

Thanks a lot for the help!

I have tried it and it works perfectly!

I am now reading the tutorials carefully and help get more information about this cool software!

best regards,

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