Combination Qualtrics and Pavlovia


I’m writing my master thesis concerning the attentional bias in people with and without misophonia.

For that I’m using the Dot-Probe Paradigm and a few related questionnaires.

I would like to know if it is possible to combine the experiment using pavlovia with different questionnaires using qualtrics.

Maybe there is a possibility to start the online experiment with pavlovia and to be then forwarded to qualtrics in order to complete the questionnaires (or vice versa).

Any experience and suggestions on that topic would be highly appreciated! Thank you!


what you intend is possible. PsychoPy/PsychoJS has, for instance, the option to provide completed URL and an incomplete URL to forward participants to another online service after finishing the experiment. I use{{login_code}}&participant=', PseudoHomoGDPR$VpCode```

to call Pavolvia from formr. xxxx.yyyy is my username on Pavlovia and zzzz is the experiment-name on Pavlovia. login_code and VpCode are codes generated in the formr and handed over to Pavlovia. The completed URL is 
```{{login_code}} ```

bbbb is the name of the formr-questionaire.

Search the forum for Qualtrics.

Best wishes Jens
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