Cloning an experiment on pavlovia

Hi everyone,

I am an undergraduate psychology student who is in a senior capstone class. I have been trying to clone one of the OSPAN tasks on pavlovia. The one I had forked was howardhsu / OSPAN. I have read through a lot of information and watched videos explaining how to do things on pavlovia but am still not understanding everything (I have no programming experience.) What am I supposed to do once I click clone? I have been following instructions on pavlovia - “forking and cloning an experiment.” I am not planning to make any changes to the experiment. I have the git program downloaded on my computer.
My computer has Windows 10.
Do I need to download PsychoPy even when not making changes to an experiment?
I am completely new to all of this. Thank you for the help!

If you are literally making no changes then you should be able to fork the experiment to your namespace and then go to your Pavlovia dashboard to set it to running mode.

Hi wakecarter,

Thank you for replying! I was able to fork the experiment onto my namespace. Though, I did run into a problem afterwards. It shows that the OSPAN task that I forked from howardsu / OSPAN has 143 KB files, but when I fork it it shows up on my namespace as 0 bytes. I’m not sure why the files are not sent over. When I try to pilot the study it sends me to a page that says 403 forbidden. The original creator, Mohammad Nowbakht, deleted the experiment from his page at some point in the past. Though, howardsu did not delete his forked OSPAN task. Others who have forked howardsu’s OSPAN have 0 bytes as well if it was forked less than 3 years ago. Is the past deletion why the 143 KB files were not sent over?

I was actually able to find another OSPAN that was not created by Mohammad Nowbakht. I had not looked at this separate OSPAN in the beginning, because it was described in Spanish. However, when I downloaded the excel file there were no Spanish letters used. When I forked it, it ended up working. I decided that I will go ahead and use this OSPAN task experiment instead. I think that will end up working well with my thesis. Thank you again!

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