Chromebook installs?

Does anyone have experience of installing PsychoPy Buiklder on a Chromebook?
I have a student with an Asus Chromebook C423, which I understand can install android apps (the student managed to get it to install jamovi using flatpak set up instructions.
I know absolutely nothing about Chromebooks other than they are the bane of my life. Will it be possible to install PsychoPy Builder on this OS or am I wasting my time?

OS (Chromebook):

What are you trying to achieve?: To install PsychoPy Builder

What did you try to make it work?: We tried the linux info on here Installation — PsychoPy v1.84.0 and the code got us the closest in that we didnt get a command error. The output told us that the resource may have been moved or is obsolete

sudo apt-get install psychopy

I really need an idiots guide if it is possible. Between the student and myself, we have done a lot of googling too try to figure this out, and this is our last hope.

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately PsychoPy isn’t Chromebook compatible - the PsychoPy app at least. You can run Python code in browsers so may be able to use some parts of the library, but Builder won’t work as it relies on a bunch of calls to the operating system.

Thanks for the quick response. Now to find a solution for Chromebook users while we are still off campus.

Best wishes

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Just to add to Glen’s point, we at Aston University have a small number of students who use Chromebooks (and can’t install psychopy). Any ideas for workarounds are welcome :slight_smile: