V 2023.1.x use?

I told a colleague to download psychopy and found that they did not have the latest 2023.1.0 version, because it’s not the one accessible from https://www.psychopy.org/download.html. Is this version not meant to be broadly used yet?


well, version 2022.2.5 was released on Dez 23 and was a bug-fix. 2023.1.0. was released beginning of February 2023 and introduced some new features. If you don’t need those features, I would use the older version until the first bug fix (2023.1.1) is out. But it is up to you. I have not installed 2023.1.0 yet. I usually install the version that is offered on the download page.

Best wishes Jens

The reason that we haven’t publicised 2023.1.0 is because of a couple of significant bugs. I’m using it but have to specify use version 2022.2.5 for anything with concentric loops and images that are set to update each repeat (they look for an image called default.png). On the other hand, it does offer experiment/survey integration. The first bug fix 2023.1.1 should be out any day now.