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Downwards compatibility PsychoPy 3 -> 2

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OS (e.g. Win32):
PsychoPy version (e.g. 3.):
**Standard Standalone? yes, but…
**What are you trying to achieve?: Running a builder experiment created in PsychoPy3 on a Psychopy2 install

I created an experiment in builder PsychoPy 3.0.0b11.
The machines in our shared lab only run PsychoPy 2 (I think v 1.87).
I cannot run the experiment on there and wonder whether there is something I can do to make it downwards compatible.
The builder flow only shows 1 routine when there are many, and running the experiment leads to deep errors that I cannot interpret – cannot load atlas font etc.
Since these are pool room computers I cannot (quickly) install v3 (though I am trying to get IT to do this).

In the meantime, is there a simply fix I could implement to make it compatible?

Thank you!

Sorry, it’s impossible for us to tell what the compatibility problem is without seeing the error message. If you post the full error then it’s conceivable but upgrading (preferably to 3.0.3) would be by far the best approach.