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Customise the online dialog box to start the experiment

Description of the problem:

Does anyone know how to take this off from the little box with the green band in the beginning of the experiment, i.e., “Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.”?

Or how to substitute that with a more helpful message such as ‘Click “OK” to start task.’?

Is it possible to skip that box at all and go straight to the first routine in the experiment?

Thanks in advance !

I’m afraid right now that dialog doesn’t have settings for customization, but I agree we need to add more refinement/customization to it.

Other people have requested options like:

  • to have their uni emblem attached there (could/should probably make this automatic for institutions with a site license, and allow a custom one if you use self-purchased credits)
  • what we should do when all the parameters of the study are encoded into the url query? In this case the dialog is no longer strictly necessary but should we still have something there to wait for OK, or should we load resources and go straight into the study?
  • could we even allow that string to be customized according to participant locale?