Checking responses from participants


I have built an experiment with the builder with the goal to run the experiment online. During my piloting I was thinking about checking the inputs of the participants. I tried some coding to check if the participants entered something into the participant field at the beginning of the experiment (while the data is downloading) but the coding does not work. My goal is that the experiment should not start before the participant entered something into this field. So my questions are: Is it possible to check if the participants entered something into the field at the beginning and asking them to do so if the haven’t? If this is possible, how am I able to implement it?

Similar to the first questions I want to know if I could check whether the participant entered some text into the textbox and how? Is it possible to define for example a “valid click” as “some text was entered into the textbox and the right item was clicked”?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate every help.

I think you just put a * at the end of the name of the expInfo question to force a response.

Thank you, this is solving my first questions.
Do you may know too how I can force that the participants entered some text into the textbox?

Do you mean a text response during the experiment? I use code to only continueRoutine = False if the length of the response is >0

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Yes, that is what I mean. Thank you for your answer, it really helped me to find the right possibility to implement it.