Trouble making loop to show string/participant response at once

Hi all, I’m having some trouble with a loop I’m trying to make.
I would like this loop to show the string on the screen, and remain there until the participant has typed their response and pressed enter. Both the string and response would need to show on the screen. When I run my experiment, it will present the instructions before this loop (the second one in the image), and then it will cut out before going through the loop. I think something is wrong with my setup here but I’m not sure what it is. Thank you!

Hi There,

it sounds like you might need a typed response, but might be running into trouble with using text stimuli and code snippets- have you tried using the new textbox component?


@Becca No I haven’t, but I watched the video linked and I have a question abut how it works - would you still be able to see the blinking cursor without putting ‘type a response’ when the program is run? Or does there need to be a placeholder of some sort for it to work?

Hi There, there needs to be text for a blinking cursor (if the box starts blank this will appear when the participant starts typing)