Changing shortened response display on Pavlovia survey

I don’t know what it’s called, which makes it harder to explain myself. When looking at the “Response” column in the responses page, several answers are displayed without opening the whole response. Is there a way to change the specific answers displayed, so that I could see the participant’s ID without opening the whole response and searching? I want to easily detect a specific participant based on his ID. I attached a picture of the line I’m talking about.
Response page

Thanks, Tomer

I suspect that the order is one of the following:

  1. question creation
  2. question title (alphabetical)
  3. participant response

Thanks for the answer. It seems the most plausible explanation is that the answers are displayed in alphabetical order based on the title. The first answer that appears was created much later and is also addressed in a later part of the survey. Does this mean that the only way to change the order is by adjusting the title to appear earlier alphabetically?
Thanks, Tomer

Alphabetical is what we’ve asked for in the data file so I’m pleased to here that the reordering is already there in the saved dictionary. Changing the question title to put the key items early alphabetically seems like an easy option. Adding column priority (which has been added already to PsychoPy) would be an entirely new feature and I would rather our developers concentrated on other things first.

I think the settings or configuration options for the responses page and locate the section that allows you to customize which fields are displayed in the “Response” column. These settings to include the participant’s ID in the preview of the responses. Ensure that the participant’s ID is one of the fields displayed in the abbreviated response view.