Changing closing message at the end of online experiment

Hello! I am trying to change the closing message of my pavlovia experiment, because there is a redirect to another link at the end of the experiment that I want to make sure participants get to.

The closing message I am referring to appears in a pop-up box, and it appears to be personalizable.

This is what I am referring to.

Please let me know if you know how to change this message!

I am interested in this as well. In the demos, the end message is slightly different, something like “Thank you for your patience. The data is saved.” So it seems this is possible.

I’m currently trying to do the same without success. As suggested in Ending the experiment when participants do not agree to participate, I have tried separately these two by inserting JS code at the end of a routine without any luck:

psychoJS.quit({message: 'Your custom message'});
quitPsychoJS('Your custom message', false);

However both end the experiment, the final message is always:

Thank you for your patience.
The [Escape] key was pressed. Goodbye!


What browsers have you tried? I’m certainly not confident with having a stable solution here. I think it is possible to edit the JavaScript in Gitlab, but changes would be lost when you sync

@wakecarter, none work in a Ubuntu 18.04 laptop using Firefox 76.0.1 (64-bit) and Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Hey all,

Had a similar intention (to edit the message displayed upon completing the experiment) and found a solid workaround.

If you add the text you wish to be displayed in the “End Experiment” tab of a code component as shown below (in JS):

message = “Please click ‘ok’ to be debriefed.”;

Then this text will be added to the closing message.

Hope this helps! x

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.28.12 PM|689x360

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Thanks. I wonder if that could be set in code_JS in the first routine.

I believe the ‘Thanks for your patience’ text is added at a similar time that all ‘End of Experiment’ sections of routines are pushed to the timeline.

I think this is the case because I use the variable ‘message’ earlier on in my experiment to create custom texts corresponding to which condition each participant is assigned to, and luckily the ‘Thanks for your patience’ text does not appear in these cases :slight_smile:

If you’re extra curious about it I’d suggest you look in the PsychoJS documentation here because the ‘Thanks for your patience’ text is not added within the .js file created when you sync new versions of your local experiment with Pavlovia; therefore it’s likely part of the PsychoJS library itself.

This probably comes a bit too late, but for anyone having this problem, I solved it by inserting the message in the each frame tab.

This allows to show different messages if you have more than one reason to end the experiment (e.g participants not introducing a valid name at the start).