Automatically end with psychoJS.quit instead of OK button

in my last routine, i have a “finish experiment” button. Upon clicking this, participants should be redirected to prolific with the completionURL. However, the quit screen with the text “thank you for your patience” always shows up, requiring participants to press an additional button (“OK”).
Is there any way to automatically end the quit screen once the data is saved?
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I don’t know of one…this period is important because it represents when the data is actually being saved.

I would recommend that you use the normal end rather than quitting in code for participants who have finished.

I don’t want to get rid of it entirely, just to automatically move on when the data is saved. Maybe the ok button can automatically get clicked once the dialog appears?

I know how to automatically click when the experiment is starting but there’s nowhere to add code to click when it has finished.

Could you please share how it works for when the experiment starts? Might be just what I need :slight_smile:
Wouldn’t know for the builder but in the JS code, I was thinking right between these lines:

psychoJS.quit({message: message, isCompleted: isCompleted});
return Scheduler.Event.QUIT;

Okay, it seems easy enough knowing this post:

Only: How do I find the elementID for where it says “Thank you for your patience” at the end?

Can you use developer tools when it’s on the screen?

Yes, I just found it there and it works now with the code below. Also works if you add a code component and enter the code in the End Experiment tab. Participants are now automatically redirected to Prolific with the completion URL and all data is saved :partying_face:

Thanks, @wakecarter for your support! The tip about the code for the starting dialog box helped me a lot!

var checkOK = setInterval(function() {

  // Wait for the element containing "Thank you for your patience" to exist
  var thankYouElement = document.querySelector(".scrollable-container");
    if (thankYouElement) {
      console.log("Thank you element found.", thankYouElement.innerText);

      // If the text includes "Thank you for your patience," click the OK button
      if (thankYouElement.innerText.includes("Thank you for your patience")) {
        // Get the status of the OK button
        var statusOK = document.getElementById("dialogOK").innerHTML;
        console.log("Press Ok now...", statusOK);

        // Click on the OK button if it's enabled
        var okButton = document.getElementById("dialogOK");
        if (okButton && !okButton.disabled) {
          console.log("Clicking OK button...");
        } else {
          console.log("OK button is not enabled.");

        // Stop the interval
  }, 100); // Check every 100ms
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