Closing message

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Hi there, we’re generating a random code for each participant which is shown in the closing message. We struggle to understand how we can adjust this code in the closing message based on the ExpInfo so that we can immediately see in this random code whether the participant wants course credit or a voucher. The if-statement for that itself is not the problem, rather the order in which functions seem to be used.
As far as we understand the closing message is generated before anything else happens (even before the expInfo is updated) in the experiment so that our little if statement referring to the exInfo doesn’t work. Is there a way to change that order of the flow?
Would really appreciate your help.

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Are you creating the closing message by editing the JS code directly or in a code component?

I note that your experiment is in the html folder. This is no longer recommended and may cause other issues. To remove it delete the folder locally, remove it from Experiment Settings / Online and then resync.

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Thank you for your quick response! That’s good to know, I wasn’t aware of it but I have removed the html folder now (Pavlovia). Bit of a funny question but is there some kind of newsletter of homepage where those recommendations are published (sorry for the lack of my knowledge, I just started using Pavlovia a couple of weeks ago).
I’m editing he JS code directly!