Changes on Excel file are not reflected when Piloting

I am piloting an online experiment in which stimuli is loaded through an excel file in a loop. If I modify the excel file, the file is correctly uploaded to Pavlovia, however, recent changes in my excel file are not reflected when piloting the experiment. Reloading the page normally and doing a hard reload does not work at all.

I even tried to delete the excel file from my root folder in Pavlovia but somehow the excel file is still being loaded when piloting. I guess somehow the excel file got stuck in my browser and is not loading the newest version when I pilot my experiment.

I am using a macbook with Big Sur OS, Firefox 84.0.2 and Psychopy 2020.2.9


I do not know what you mean by hard reload? Anyway, if Pavolvia reflects the changes you made, then try to clear the browser‘s cache (unless that is what you mean by hard reload). Or use a browser you haven‘t used to access your experiment.

Best wishes Jens

One thing I sometimes do is reconnect the Excel to the loop so the new columns names are recognised.

Hello @JensBoelte , a hard refresh is a way to force browsers to clear cached files and download new content when loading a website. You can read more about it in this link: How to hard refresh your browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Hence, deleting the cache is basically the thing I was doing with a hard refresh. The only difference is that I was doing it for a webpage in particular and not for all cached files.

I found out a way to solve the problem. It involves changing the advanced settings of the debugging toolbox in Firfox. You can check it in this link: force complete page refresh | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support


Hello Miguel

So, it was basically a cache problem.

Best wishes Jens