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Change (reduce) screen resolution at run time

I’d like to run my Builder experiment with a faster refresh rate than the monitor supports at the default (high) resolution.
The monitor will support a faster refresh rate if the resolution is reduced but I don’t want to have to manually change the resolution every time before running (and back afterwards)

Can PsychoPy (or Python) change the resolution at runtime? [I’ve googled but not found anything helpful]

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No I’m afraid not. There may be some platform-specific command-line tools to do this but PsychoPy doesn’t do it for you.

Also bear in mind that, with a flat panel, if you reduce the resolution you typically introduce a step of interpolation of your image because flat panels (unlike CRTs) cannot change their actual output resolution - they can only interpolate an input to fit their output.

Thanks for the info Jon. In my case any interpolation would not be a problem, I simply want to switch to using a higher refresh rate.

I’ve since found this
which enables the screen resolution and refresh rate to be changed from the commandline line (Windows), so I should be able to incorporate it into a batch script