Different Image Sizes - Different Screen Resolutions. How to keep the same dimensions in the image as in the original jpg with different screen resolution

(Working with psychopy builder v2022.2.4)

I am a Student an i am new in using psychopy. My aim is to program an experiment where i can show my participants a folder full of images for a memory task. so i did a loop with an image trail. all good. But the problem is now, that the images ar so big (for ex. 3959x5938 pixel) and different in their sizes, that i have a problem in showing them. if i would knew the resolution of the target screen, i think i would know how (with a variable in the image trial, that is defined in an excel sheet with the relative resolution of the image).
how can i tell the builder, that it has to check (before every run) the current screen resolution and adapt the images to it while maintaining its original pixel ratio?

Im soo happy if someone can help me! Thanks ahead


well, I would batch-scale all pictures while keeping the aspect ratio before the experiment, e.g. with irfanview on Win.

Best wishes Jens

I’m a big fan of IrfanView ever since I needed to create over 1000 medium sized cover images from the high resolution originals.