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Can the refresh rate be set through Psychopy?

Hello everyone,

I am using standalone PsychoPy3 v3.0.4 in the coder view on win10.

Can I change the refresh rate programmatically through some python module or does the PsychoPy module provide this functionality? I’ve searched the documentation for monitors, but there was no mention of setting the refresh rate to a certain value.

My colleagues use the software Presentation (Neurobehavioral Systems) for their experiments and they seem to be able to set the refresh rate programmatically.

Thank you for your help!

No we’ve never written the code for that.

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Thank you for your swift reply.

Should anyone stumble upon this post who solved my problem with external modules, please tell me what they are.

There actually is a bit of support to do so in PsychoPy’s GLFW backend, where you can force a fullscreen window into a given video mode, as long as your graphics card supports it. You need pyglfw installed to do this.

Try the following …

hz = 59
win = Window(fullscr=True, winType='glfw', refreshHz=hz, waitBlanking=True, swapInterval=1)
# if using the latest 'master' branch
# win = Window(fullscr=True, winType='glfw', refreshHz=hz, waitBlanking=True)

Look at your graphics control panel for available modes and resolutions. If you set the mode to something unsupported, the program will log a warning and put the display into native mode.