Carrying Prolific ID from Pavlovia to Qualtrics

Description of the problem:
I am trying to carry Prolific IDs from Prolific to Pavlovia and then to Qualtrics. I have managed to get the completion URL to work from Qualtrics at the end of the chain but can’t get the Prolific ID to autofill on Qualtrics. I have looked at the resources available and previous similar posts on here but I am still stuck as to where I have gone wrong.

I used the advice for prolific integration to set up my study URL as described here (Recruiting with Prolific — PsychoPy v2022.1.1) and the sona-qualtrics-pavlovia-sona cribsheet (here: Sona -> Qualtrics -> Pavlovia -> back - Google Docs) but not had any success so far.

Here is how I have set this part up:

The full URL looks like this: Ebbinghaus_DASS_v4_bckup [PsychoPy]}&study_id={{%STUDY_ID%}}&session={{%SESSION_ID%}}

This link works in the preview and the experiment runs well on Pavlovia - at the end of the task participants are redirected to a questionnaire on Qualtrics. The completion URL to take participants to Qualtrics is currently:

The values that I put in the participant field at the beginning of the Pavlovia section show correctly in the CSV file when I pilot the experiment but do not autofill in Qualtrics.

I used the Prolific guide on importing the ID from the incoming URL to autofill as the first question of my questionnaire but nothing appears. Here I used id as the embedded data field - resulting in this ${e://Field/id} in the response box.

I suspect that I am making a mistake in the outgoing URL from Pavlovia to Qualtrics due to the change from ‘participant’ to ‘id’ but I can’t figure out exactly what the answer should be. I initially tried using ‘participant’ instead throughout but had the same problem. I have seen other examples using something like this =${e://Field/id} to specify changes in the names used by the different platforms but can’t figure out how to integrate this without getting an ‘incorrect syntax’ message on Psychopy.

I know this is likely a really obvious solution covered by the resources that I have already been using but I just can’t seem to make the leap to figuring it out.

Thanks in advance!

Check you are using dumb quotes, not smart (slanted).

Are you setting the embedded variable in Qualtrics before you need it in the flow?

Hello @wakecarter. I have been following your cribsheet and responses to the questions. I am not entirely sure about a couple of things and I am facing a similar problem with Daisy chaining and carrying unique participant iDs from Qualtrics–> Pavlovia → Qualtrics. Actually, also sona is included at the beginning and end of the study, however, there will be participants which will not be participating from sona.

May I ask for your expertise? I am new to the forum and I would be grateful to get some input. Let me know in what way would you like to communicate.

If you would like some direct help beyond getting assistance on this forum, please could you email

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