Carrying over participant IDs


I have created a study which includes Pavlovia surveys and a Psychopy experiment.
The study starts with the consent form on a Pavlovia survey, then goes to the task on Psychopy and then goes back to a Pavlovia survey which includes multiple questionnaires. They successfully run together, but I am unsure how to make sure the participant IDs carry over. At the moment, individual datasets are generated with different participant IDs. I have recruiting participants on Prolific, so I am wondering is there a way to gather data with the Prolific IDs which are the same across each platform (Pavlovia & Psychopy)?

I have seen some previous posts which include embedded data, but this seems to be for use with Qualtrics as the survey platform. Is there a way to use this type of data in Pavlovia?

Thank you,

Do you mean that you have an online survey and in-person task running in standalone Psychopy? Or is everything online? If everything is online then your task would also be running through Pavlovia. I suggest looking at the documentation addressing this question: Recruiting participants and connecting with online services — PsychoPy v2023.1.2.