Experiment not uploaded to Pavlovia

URL of experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/Y/context_arrow

Description of the problem: Hello everyone.
I am trying to upload my experiment to Pavlovia, and I successfully created a new experiment based on a previous experiment which I already finished running.
The problem is that the experiment is not uploaded to pavlovia (in the dashboard view -> Experiments I can’t see the new experiment) although it does appear in gitlab and I can push changes to it.
What should I do in order to be able to run a pilot of the experiment and see it in the Experiments view in Pavlovia?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Itay, has this pushed yet? sometimes there can be a delay in loading.


Hi Becca,
Unfortunately no,
The experiment is still in gitlab yet I see nothing in the Experiment page in Pavlovia.
My solution was editing the previous experiment…


Hi Itay,

Sorry to hear this, but I am pleased you found a temporary solution. In the meantime let me tag @apitiot to flag this in case others encounter this issue.



Dear @Itay_Yaron,

I have just looked into the matter. It seemed that a network issue occurred just as your experiment was created on the server, which left it in some sort of limbo. I have sorted this out. context_arrow now appears on your dashboard.
Best wishes,


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: