Can't move the position of text


I’ve been trying to move the position of the text by going under position → layout but nothing seems to work, the text stays in the middle. I have four blocks of text on the page: a question and possible 3 answers (the question and the answers are coming from an excel document). The participants are then supposed to record their answer with the mic component.

I have tried various different positions and values, but it never moves. All the texts are on top of one another as can be seen in the screenshot.

I am using Windows 10 and Psychopy 2022.2.5.

Thanks for your precious help!

Could you please share the experiment/take screenshots of your text settings?

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Hi! Thanks for your anser!

I’m unsure of how to share the experiment, but here are some screenshots.

This position is the last one that I’ve tried, but I’ve tried every number possible (small and big) and nothing ever moved…

What are your spatial units? (Experiment Settings/Screen)

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It was under height. I tried to change it to pix, as I’m more familiar and it would be easier for me to place them, but when I change it to pixel then nothing appears at all on my routines

Hello Royrane

you might want to read this first before trying out various spatial units.

Best wishes Jens


Hi Jens,

Thank you so much, I switched back to height and managed to get the correct coordinates!

All best :smile: