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Center not working for text

Hi all!

I just installed psychopy and already face an issue, I couldn’t find related ones so here it is.

If I draw some texts, the “0,0” position is understood as “left border of my screen, middle of the height”, so for the y, it’s good, but not for the x.
To be sure that was not due calibration or so, I copy/pasted a code to place my mouse in “0,0” position and I got “middle of width, middle of height”, so right at the good spot. Do you have any ideas about what could be the cause which leads texts to be not centered?

I’m running a Ubuntu like machine (zorin 15) and I tried to use “deg”, “norm” and “pix” units.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance!


I’ve had the same problem. Downgrading the version of pyglet (e.g. pip install pyglet==1.3.2) fixed it for me; also see this issue.


Thank you for your answer, it worked!
The weird part is that I tried it earlier and it didn’t… But never mind, it seems stable now so all for the best!