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Shifting the position of the text

Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble moving the position of text around on the screen. I noticed that there were some issues with this in the past due to pyglet incompatibility, but from my understanding, they were fixed.

Here is my code:

win = visual.Window(color = 'grey')
txt = visual.TextStim(win, text = 'words', pos=(0.0, 3.0))

When I do this, the text appears in the center of the screen but it shouldn’t. I was wondering if anyone has a solution or a workaround?

Version: Psychopy Coder v2021.2.3

Much appreciated,

Does this persist if you specify the units for the window or the text? It could be it’s using pix, so it’s just displaying 3px above center

Thank you @TParsons! I was indeed moving the text by only a few pixels initially, and I was able to detect the change when I altered the pos to (0.0, 250.0)