Can't get video stim to run for trials

URL of experiment: Study1A_Pavlovia [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

Hi there and thank you for attending to my topic! I’m completely new to psychopy and pavlovia and have been reading other threads on here for some time now but still couldn’t find a fix for this. I’m having an issue running some video stimuli for an online experiment on pavlovia. My actual experiment involves both video and image stimuli in 2 separate blocks which are counterbalanced between subjects. I got that design built locally and running through psychopy but as soon as I tried running it online it didn’t work. I tried a number of things as suggested in different threads but nothing seems to work. I hence tried to simplify the study and start building and testing it one step at a time. I am able to run single videos, however as soon as I put in a loop for trials that reads in conditions from ClipBlock.xlsx and uses $clippath to run videos, I get the following error:

Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!

Also, here’s the gitlab link if handy : Sign in · GitLab

Hi team,

I’m still stuck and would really appreciate any help with this.

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The error appears to be “defineProperty is not a function “

Is “is owned by context “ your experiment name? Is so, what is line 381 of the JS?

Hi wakecarter, thanks for replying.

No, “is owned by context” in not my experiment name. The word ‘Context’, however, is used as a parameter in the xlsx file. I previously tried removing all parameters other than the one with the path to videos but still got the same errors.

here’s line 381 of JS:
return Scheduler.Event.FLIP_REPEAT;

it is part of the following if statement
// refresh the screen if continuing
if (continueRoutine) {
return Scheduler.Event.FLIP_REPEAT;
} else {
return Scheduler.Event.NEXT;

Try changing the name of some of your variables.