Experiment stuck on initialising

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/timentecott/dis20/html/

Description of the problem: Can’t get past initialising and not sure where my error is

Hi @tim, this is a syntax error in the JS code compiler. It relates to the units param used for your movie stim. This was a bug that has been fixed for the next release of PsychoPy, but in the mean time, I suggest you either set the units to “from exp settings” and resize your video accordingly, or manually edit the JS code to fix the syntax error (specifically line 305 where the units are set for the movie stim). To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to Experiment Settings > Online and set “Export HTML” to “manually”
  2. Open your JS file (found in the HTML folder) and change line 305 so units in the movie stim are set using a colon, not an equals sign e.g., should be units : 'cm'.
  3. Save file and resync with Pavlovia

If you choose to manually edit the file, then two things to remember. 1) if you make changes to the experiment, you will have to manually recompile the experiment so the new changes are written to the JS (done using the File > Export HTML from Builder), 2) your manual changes will be overwritten if you recompile your task.

Hi David, Thank you very much.
I changed to ‘from exp settings’ and now I get past initialising but get this error:

The re-uploaded experiment is now at: https://run.pavlovia.org/timentecott/dis22/html

Cool. Yes, that is an issue using avi movie files. See here for a list of commonly supported video formats. A fix would be to convert your movie stim to MP4, for example.

Thank you, all working now

@dvbridges Hi David, Having a similar problem in being stuck at initializing. First time trying to move to online and not sure where to start as I can’t see where it goes wrong. Would you mind giving me a lead?

Thank you very much!