Video does not play on Pavlovia, but no error messages

URL of experiment:

Hello all,
I have a problem with running video files in Pavlovia (an experiment in a pilot mode now).
The files are in html/resources/images on Gitlab, I have tried different formats (mov, mp4, h.264.mp4, currently working with h.264.mp4 files), but the same problems persist.

I have two video routines: one with the constant movie file (the example), the other with movie file set every repeat from the loop file (the trial video). Both work just fine on my computer, but different problems occur with the two routines online.

  • The first example video (constant) is played, but after it ends, it does not disappear and therefore overlaps with the text that should follow the video.

  • The trial video (set every repeat from file) can’t be seen on the screen. If you exit the full-screen mode while the video is playing, you can catch and see the end of it, but if you click on the slider and proceed to the next video, it does not play as well. But I do not get the error messages.

Also tried different browsers, same effect.
I would be thankful for any suggestions!

Hi Feygele,

I don’t have a solution yet, just a heads-up that we’re working hard on ironing out issues with video in PsychoJS. It may take a little while though. If no-one replies within, say, the end of next week, please give another shout.

Best, Thomas

Thanks, Thomas!
So far nobody replied and the same problems persist.

Among the measures that I tried (some of them out of despair) and they did not work:

  • Change the order of presentation from random to sequential;

  • Change video format & size.

Hey @feygele, sorry to hear PsychoJS is giving you video playback problems. Because I lack sufficient rights to access the repo you link to, would it be possible to send me your .psyexp so that I can investigate a bit further? Alternatively, you can add me as a project member in the developer role via gitlab settings. Here to help, thanks, s.

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Thanks @sotiri, I have added you as a project member!

Alright, perfect, thanks, x

Hey @feygele, is this more or less what you had in mind?

Hello @sotiri, thanks!! Yes, now the video plays great! But the grid doesn’t work in the demo :slight_smile:

In the second routine, trials, (the one with the video set from the file every repeat) there will be no text, just the grid and the video.

OK great, if by grid you mean the slider at the bottom, there seems to be an issue with PsychoJS in that you have to drag from the middle of the range? :blush:

I’m getting issues with videos (crashing without an error at the end of the second play) which I finally solved (I think) by ending the trial just before the video was supposed to end.

Thanks for flagging, we have a couple of patches (upgrading PixiJS) on the way dealing with video playback that should hopefully take away some of those worries. My fork of @feygele’s project includes those changes, x

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Yes, thanks so much - the slider works fine if you drag from the middle!

However, I can’t access the fork for some reason (the link doesn’t work and I don’t see forks in the project).

upd: thanks for the access!

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OK thanks, sorry about that, gave you developer permissions just now, but it might not be necessary except for reference. I’m working on a Merge Request for you to accept the changes into your project.

It is very likely that the Pavlovia build of PsychoJS gets upgraded over the next few days, but for the time being you need to be careful, once the changes are in, some files like ‘index.html’ get overwritten when you choose export HTML in PsychoPy :blush:

Sorry another thing I did was give the example movie an exact duration (3.32 instead of 3.5) if that’s OK with you, x

OK, Merge Request issued, hope that helps some, x