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Can't find the error in program

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Description of the problem:
When I upload my experiment online, it is stuck on the “Initializing the experiment” page. I know that happens when something is wrong with the code. However, usually when that happens, there is an error shown in the “Experiment Runner” when syncing the experiment online, but now there is no error shown. I cannot find where there is something wrong with the code. Can anyone help me? Or even tell me how I can debug (I can’t do that online using F12, since the experiment doesn’t even begin and I can’t use local debiggers because my code is only in javascript and not in python)?


You should be able to use the console to help debug even it is crashes straight away.

Are you using any imports?

Have you looked at my crib sheet (see pinned post)?

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Thanks! Fixing what I thought wasn’t a problem but showed up in the console worked!