Unable to change status to 'Running'

URL of experiment: N/A

Description of the problem:

Yesterday, I inactivated a previously running study and now when I try to change the status back to ‘Running’ I am provided with the below two messages followed by nothing



Steps taken to resolve: I have waited over 24 hours for the status to be changed with no success. I have also re-uploaded the project to Gitlab with an entirely new name and am still having the same issues.

The code has not changed since it was running, so I am certain there are no bugs.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance!

Same issue

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:This problem has existed since yesterday. I want to change the experimental state to pilot, but the state cannot be changed. The page keeps showing the following prompts

Good afternoon @bmchardy and @dongyf1997,

Could you share the complete path of your experiments so I can have a look at our server logs?



My project is hosted at Sign in · GitLab (privately) and has the Project ID 202860

Thanks for looking into this!

Thank you.

The issue stems from your already having a lib directory in your project, which prevents the pavlovia.org back-end server from linking its own lib directory.
Changing your lib directory to a different name should do the trick.
I am currently working on making that lib error visible to designers, so they can better understand what is going on.

Incidentally, jsPsych version 6.2.0 and 6.3.0 are now available on pavlovia.org, together with the official plugins packaged with the releases, so you do not need to have 6.2.0 in your actual project (I am working on a pavlovia plugin for jsPsych 7, which should be available in the coming days).

Best wishes,


Thanks very much for your help! Changing the directory name to library seemed to fix my problem. Going forward I’ll only reference lib if I’m referring to the built-in library.

Thanks again!

I have the same problem today, and this solution did not work for me… Does anyone have any other ideas on how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance!

Are you using jsPsych or PsychoJS?

Are you the owner of the experiment or a collaborator?