Can psychopy/psychoJS read and write into an excel file in the repository?

I am curious if this is even possible. Basically I want to create an excel file in my repo that would have a single column: participant ID. When the experiment is run it will create a random number - say 38472 for example. Would it be possible to write that number into the excel file? I would also like to have it so that my experiment reads this excel file so that there are no repeats.

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Clark Moore

Hi Clark,

I don’t believe this is possible online, but I have written a free external tool you can use to assign a unique number to each participant.

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Hello Wakefield,

Thank you for your reply. I have tried out your URL method and although it works great, my team has a privacy concern with it. How does it work? Does it access my repo at all? Being a Psych professor yourself I wouldn’t think you have any mal-intent. It’s just if I use this and there is a possibility of privacy breach then I would have to amend my Review Board documents. Thus, anything I can do internally within the scope of psychopy and pavlovia is preferred.

Thanks for understanding,
Clark Moore

Hi Clark,

The only thing stored in my database is the name of the folder and the name of the experiment. The participant number is a count of the number of rows in the database of that folder/experiment combo. In theory I could record the time and IP address but I don’t think I do. I can check tomorrow. I don’t record the other variables (id, session, researcher). The app has no way of accessing the data on Pavlovia since it doesn’t have the researcher”s password. Does that all sound fine?

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I’ve double checked and my data table has four columns: an auto incrementing index, the folder and experiment fields from the incoming URL and a timestamp.

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This is great thank you! You have been a tremendous help the whole way through. Wouldn’t have been able to get my experiment up without your resources.

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