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Writing a separate csv file while experiment is running

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Description of the problem: Our experiment relies on using different xlsx conditions file for every participant (different set of stimuli, different order, etc.). Locally, we solved the problem by opening a txt (or csv) file at the very beginning of the experiment, reading out the number inside, adding +1 and re-writing this file. The number is then used to select a conditions file called ‘sequence_of_pairs’ + file_number.toString() + ‘xlsx’.
Read from xlsx in javascript solved the reading-in part, however the part of modyfing and saving is not so obvious to me. What would be a way to do this with JS in PsychoPy or is there possibly an easier solution to the problem?

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I’m afraid that you can’t currently write to a custom file in Pavlovia.

I am planning to use Qualtrics to assign participants to conditions.

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