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Can I save data now or not?

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

on the website it says that from the 1st of October onward experiments will not save Data.

But when I try to download my results this shows up.

Thanks for the detailed post @huppfi. From October 1st, the results save and be downloadable, so long as you have enough credits or your institution has a site licence. @apitiot should be able to let us know the meaning of the error you have received.

Ok but right now I don’t need any credits right?

That’s right, the system for purchasing credits to run your tasks comes into effect from 1st October.

Hello @huppfi,

I can confirm that your issue had nothing to do with the credit system. Rather, you did not have any result to download at the point when you tried to do so (your first experiment files appeared the following day, on the 18th of September). I believe that you successfully downloaded your results, subsequently. But do let us know if you experienced more difficulties.


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