Can I make two separate data output files?

URL of experiment: Still in the works

Description of the problem: Not really a problem, but is there a way to make two data output files with different information? I’m trying to collect the usual data from the participant during the experiment, but at the end, I want them to type their names so that I can later give them Sona credit. Obviously, I can’t have their name and data touch, so I’d like to be able to create a separate file for just their name (bonus points if I can output just a single line onto an already-existing data file with everyone’s names).

If need be, I could just get their name in Qualtrics, but I don’t trust people and don’t want to give them credit unless they’ve finished the entire experiment. So if there’s no way to do this, I can deal without, but it would be an awesome addition to the next update!