Multiple file experiment

I’m setting up a memory experiment with the intention to use Pavlovia, but the format has three phases: encoding task – retention task – recognition task. These phases are in separate files to avoid participant logfiles being messy. Is there a way to somehow host this on pavlovia without being charged 3x? I have yet to attempt this as I’m still setting up the experiment but thought I’d ask because when I see my dashboard they appear as separate experiments.


@fffrost, unfortunately three separate Pavlovia projects cannot be treated as a single project, so you would be changed x 3. However, you could merge your different stages into one Builder file, each one in a separate loop.

I think I might run into issues with this too – I’ve yet to clarify the details but I think that one of the experiments I’m designing might be used multiple times during a training phase as well as for a final test. There might also be a separate test at time 1 for a different measure. While I’m happy with the position that if data is collected at two time points then it will be charged twice, I’m wondering whether there’s a possibility of a non-data version (which perhaps just records that the test has been run or records one line of data) for training and testing purposes.

For testing i’m finding the pilot tokens a bit of a bind – it’s fine for me but they sometimes expire before the student or supervisor gets around to taking a look.

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Is obtaining a site licence a possibility?

That would certainly solve the issue if online experiments become the norm, but for now I’ll probably be running up to 10 experiments x 50 participants each for Masters students. I’ve asked for permission to spend up to £200. My guess is that a multi-part experiment is likely to have fewer participants, which should compensate somewhat.

Just in terms of the pilot tokens, if you can get your students/supervisor to create their own Pavlovia accounts you can add them to the project on the gitlab page, and then they should be able to run via the “Piloting” button at their leisure without having to worry about tokens expiring.

I’ve just come up with another solution.

If I end the experiment with a text message and keyboard component which has a correct answer that only I know, then the experiment would have to be closed without saving data and without costing a token by someone who doesn’t press the secret key. I could then edit the experiment to make space or whatever the correct answer when I want to collect data.

Can anyone foresee any problems with this?

That’s a shame. I will try to re-design then. Is this something that might be implemented in the future?