Can I clean the history of the created project entirely?

Description of the problem:
I have deleted the project in Gitlab. The project in Pavolovia is marked ‘DELETED.’ However, the history of the project still exists. Can I clean the history of the created project entirely?


Where did you find the history of the project?


Thanks for your reply. The history of the project to which I am referring is on the web page which I am showing. The reason I want to clean the project entirely is that I always create a pilot experiment in Psychopy, upload to PsychoJs, and test it. If it is not working, I will delete it and repeat the previous steps. Sometimes it shows the (re)creation of a project and the information of the files changes. Please refer to the messages on the screenshots (ErrorMessge 1 and 2). In additional, when I created a experiment whose name is the same as the previous experiment which I had created. It showed the error message 3.
ErrorMessage1 ErrorMessage2

As far as I can tell from these messages, the history of the project is removed from Pavlovia, but the history is still on your local hard drive. Remove the .git folder on your hard drive to clean it up

Thank you so much. It is helpful.

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