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Calling a psychopy script in Python IDLE

Hello all! Here is my situation: in my lab we are working on running a series of tracking experiments using a psychopy stimulus of moving bars across a screen. We record these experiments using a camera attached to a raspberry pi 3b. Normally, we have the raspberry pi begin a camera recording (a short script that we run in Python idle), and then 10 minutes in, we run our psychopy stimulus on a windows laptop hooked up to a moniter. Ideally, because everything is written in python, we’d like to have everything take place in one script and bypass the windows laptop altogether. Our script would turn on our camera, then call our psychopy stimulus, run it, and then stop everything altogether.

Can this be done? I’ve been trying to install the psychopy library onto our raspberry pi and had some success with using “sudo apt-get install psychopy”, however I tried to run the script in idle and idle told me there was no such module called psychopy. I’ve attached our psychopy script and our camera script. Any help would be much appreciated. (384 Bytes) MaketheFishMove (1).py (9.6 KB)

Hi @Molly_Westbrook, to install the Psychopy library, you can use pip. E.g., pip install psychopy. THis should help with your “module not found” error. See manual installation docs.