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No module named PsychoPy

I am trying to run code and am getting the message: “ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘psychopy’” even though I have installed PsychoPy onto my computer. Does anyone know why I am getting this message?

I am having a lot of issues running scripts from the command line and it sounds like what I’ve learned might help you. Are you trying to run from the command line/terminal? If so, and if you’ve only installed the standalone program, you’ll need to install all the python libraries following the manual installation instructions. Installing the standalone doesn’t install those libraries or make them available outside the program. Hope this info helps!

I am trying to run it through an IDE.

As per @iamdamion’s post, you need to describe how you did this.

Also, running from within an IDE is often not ideal performance-wise and can cause GUI issues.