Blank White Screen on Pavlovia after uploading experiment from PsychoPy

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Description of the problem:
For some reason, when I run my experiment on Pavlovia, it opens onto a white screen and does not change to the black background I have on the program. Therefore, when I run it on PsychoPy it works, and has a black background and you can see the white text instructions. However, this is not visible when you run the experiment on Pavlovia. I left the window open for 10 minutes to see if it would change and it still has not.

Do you do anything fancy with the background color like changing it during the experiment? Or is it just a fixed value throughout the experiment?

I just change it to blue at one point, but for the rest of the time it is black.

Please could you show your background colour as set in Experiment Settings/Display and also how you change it? I use a 2 x 2 norm rectangle as the first component if I want a routine to have a custom coloured background.