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Best Psychopy version to download

Hi, I am a PhD student and need to download Psychopy to design a language learning experiment. I have never used Psychopy before and want to confirm I am downloading the appropriate version. says that I should download version 1.90.1 as it is the latest stable version but github has verified version 3 of psychopy as well.

I am using a macbook pro version 10.13.6.

I understand this is a very elementary question so I really appreciate it.


Hi Maya, people are generally using the bleeding edge version 3 because they want to try out the new online features. If you are happy to run your experiment locally in your lab, then it might be best to stick with the latest stable version.

You can probably update to a later version later to take advantage of newer features/big fixes. New versions should be able to read the files you create without any issues, and can even be told to run as an earlier version when running your script. But you should definitely avoid doing this during a study. i.e. develop your experiment, then decide on a version to conduct the study (which might be some months down the track), test carefully, and then stick with that version for the duration of your data collection.

Thanks Michael for the informed response!

All the best,

Hi Michael,

As of now what would formally the stable release? Is it still Version 1.9.3 or is 3.0.08 a valid version to use?

The original poster described the situation, as per the statement here:

PsychoPy 3 is certainly “valid” but it has the caveat that it is not yet stable: there are frequent updates at the moment as issues with the substantial new features are identified and addressed.