A problem of choice: Stable versions of PsychoPy

Hi everyone,

at the university, where I work, I use PsychoPy in one of the courses I teach.
As PsychoPy is only means to an end in this course, I created some basic experiments where students only have to make some minor adjustments. However, since PsychoPy is developed quite actively, from time to time there are some changes to the core program that break some of the logic of those “basic experiments” we give to students. And when students use different versions from what I use, debugging becomes a nightmare. This is why we tell them to only install version xy of PsychoPy for this specific course.
But since we have not updated PsychoPy in quite a while I was wondering if maybe it is time to do so. Right now, we use version 2023.1.2. But then again: Which version should I update to? When looking at github there have been a lot of updates over the past couple of months with bug fixes and so on.

I do fear upgrading to some version that will get a lot of bug fixes in the near future because new features were implemented that are still being worked on. What I am looking for is some kind of “known stable verision” of PsychoPy that I can upgrade to in order to use it for at least a year or so. Would 2023.2.3 be something like this?

Or should I just upgrade to the latest version and hope for the best?

Any idea or insight is welcome.

Thanks and all the best,

I share your concerns with respect to teaching with PsychoPy and look forward to any advisories.